2 New Houses At Lightsview, Adelaide

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Building both houses at Lightsview was a labour of love for the team at Jaycore Constructions. The entire process, spanning from inception to completion, which also involved obtaining development approval, was completed within a year for both properties.

Project Management

Lorenzo, equipped with his Masters in Project Management, played a pivotal role in overseeing the project. He not only undertook some of the hands-on tasks himself, such as laying down floorboards, painting, and crafting the striking feature brick wall in the living area, but he also effectively managed all the trades involved. His expertise as a cabinet maker enabled him to construct the wall frames and all the joinery in-house.

Custom Home Design

The design of both houses was meticulously planned to make the most of the stunning city skyline views. Stacker doors were incorporated on both the upper and lower levels, leading to a balcony and a charming garden, respectively. These thoughtful design elements allow residents to fully appreciate the picturesque vistas of the nearby park and playground.

Jaycore Constructions New Homes

Quality Finishes And Fixtures

In terms of quality, these houses, like their other projects, were constructed to the highest standards. They sourced top-notch materials for this particular endeavour, including selections from Highgroves, Fienza, and Euro. The belief driving their work is that well-constructed houses have the potential to endure for generations and become cherished homes where unforgettable memories are created. As builders and project managers, this is the standard of excellence they continually strive to achieve.

Jaycore Constructions New Homes And Bathrooms

Finished Results

We believe that houses well built will last a lifetime and will become homes to create memories in. This is what we strive to achieve as builders and project managers.