Retail Renovations

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Cocolat Retail Renovation

Cocolat Retail Renovation marked a significant milestone for Jaycore Constructions.

The introduction to the owners of Cocolat came through a satisfied client who had witnessed Jaycore’s exceptional work in the industry.

This remarkable transformation at Cocolat unfolded over a span of just three weeks. The renovation encompassed various key elements, including the installation of new counters, ice cream and cake fridges, and the application of timber wall cladding. Lorenzo and his team also undertook the responsibility of enhancing the ambiance by installing custom lighting and crafting new signage.

Lorenzo and his team’s passion for renovation truly shone through during the project at Cocolat. Despite a busy three-week schedule, the clients were thoroughly impressed with his project management, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Hope Church New Stage And Entrance

The remarkable transformation of Hope Church’s stage and entrance was a result of word-of-mouth recommendations, further highlighting the expertise of the Jaycore team involved. This comprehensive project included a range of upgrades, from enhancing the existing church front door to constructing a timber frame and revamping the stage for musical performances and sermons.

Initially, the church appeared small and somewhat dated from the outside. However, upon entering, visitors were greeted with a small coffee area, a room at the rear, and seating for approximately 100 attendees. The focal point was the stage at the back of the room, which, though seemingly small, had the capacity to accommodate numerous people and fixtures.

The clients’ vision was to create a more open and inviting front room. We achieved this through the installation of spacious sliding doors. This not only enhanced the perceived size of the interior but also flooded the space with natural light. The end result was a rejuvenated, spacious, and welcoming environment for Hope Church, making it truly inviting to all.