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Design, removal and installation of retail renovations.

Elevate your commercial spaces with Jaycore’s expertise in custom renovations and project management for retail outlets. Our services encompass every aspect, from design and removal to the flawless installation of retail renovations.

When you choose Jaycore for your commercial renovation needs, including retail and office spaces, you can trust in the expertise of our licensed and qualified project manager. Our team will ensure that the work is not only completed to your exact specifications but also executed with safety as a top priority.

Jaycore Constructions is fully licensed to handle renovations for commercial and retail offices. Our portfolio includes projects such as constructing warehouses and renovating commercial shops. Elevate your business environment with Jaycore’s custom commercial renovation solutions.


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Commercial constructions and renovations.

Management of onsite construction and trades.

Our qualified Project Manager will ensure that the renovation process is carried out seamlessly and that safety compliance is maintained. We are sticklers for following processes and, importantly, sticklers when it comes to maintaining and complying with safety standards.

Retail Renovations Adelaide

Why Jaycore?

Expert Project Management

Our clients are like family and so are our team.

Jaycore Constructions is a family owned construction company. We offer a range of services, including consulting with you on the design of your renovation.  We invest time in this process to ensure you are satisfied with the end product. 

Whatever it is you choose Jaycore Constructions to help you with, rest assured you are in very capable and safe hands.

Cocolat Project

Jaycore Constructions embarked on a remarkable renovation journey with Cocolat.

This opportunity arose through a satisfied client who confidently referred Jaycore Constructions to the Cocolat owners.

The project at Cocolat unfolded over three intense weeks, where he orchestrated a comprehensive transformation. This renovation included the installation of new counters, ice cream and cake fridges, and the addition of stylish timber wall cladding. Jaycore also took charge of lighting installation and provided fresh, eye-catching signage.

There was immense satisfaction in the teams work at Cocolat. The three-week redesign and fit-out was bustling with activity, and the clients were genuinely impressed with the exceptional quality of Jaycore Constructions finished result.

Hope Church New Stage And Entrance Project

A transformation driven by a word of mouth referral.

Once again, Jaycore Constructions was recommended by word of mouth for this exceptional project. In this case, our task involved a comprehensive overhaul of an existing church.

Our renovation scope covered various aspects, including upgrading the church’s front door, constructing a timber frame, and removing the step riser to the entry doors. Additionally, we focused on revitalising the stage area, where the band performed and the priest conducted sermons.

From the exterior, the church appeared modest and somewhat weathered. However, stepping inside revealed a different story. The church featured a cozy coffee area, a rear room, and seating for approximately 100 attendees. The room’s focal point was the stage at the back, which, despite its appearance, accommodated both a considerable number of people and essential fixtures.

To meet the clients’ aspirations, we embarked on a mission to open up the front room. We achieved this by installing sizeable sliding doors, which not only created a more spacious atmosphere but also flooded the interior with abundant natural light.

Upon completing our renovations at the church, the transformation was remarkable. The space appeared rejuvenated, considerably larger, and far more inviting.