Before And After Bathroom Renovation

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Our dedicated team takes great pride in their work with incredible transformations made during each bathroom renovation project. We get immense satisfaction from seeing our clients’ joy upon project completion.

Before Renovations

The renovation below in Stepney was initiated based on the recommendation of a delighted previous customer.

This extensive renovation project spanned two months and encompassed a range of substantial tasks. These included a wall removal to accommodate the new bathroom layout, a complete ceiling replacement in both the bathroom and powder room, the unveiling of an existing support beam in the living room, and an upgrade of the laundry.

Finished Bathroom And Laundry Renovation


One particularly notable improvement involved the installation of brand-new skylights in both the bathroom and powder room, resulting in a significantly enhanced overall ambiance. The introduction of natural light through these skylights effectively expanded the perceived spaciousness of these areas. Skylights, from an aesthetic standpoint, possess the remarkable ability to elevate a room from being merely acceptable to truly impressive.

Throughout this project, our clients in Stepney had a well-defined vision for their desired fixtures, including sinks, vanity units, and bathtubs. With Jaycore Constructions expertise, this dream bathroom was successfully transformed into a magnificent reality.